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Cat Bigney


Cat BigneyCat has been referred to by many as a Survival, Bushcraft, and Primitive Skills expert (although she is too humble to refer to herself as such). Her expertise stems from an atypical upbringing and rugged formative years, as well as knowledge that was passed on generationally. However, her primary specialty and focus is on ancestral skills and knowledge preservation and practice (especially in the context of origin or as it relates to humans understanding their origin). She teaches survival related basics (fire, shelter, water, food procurement, etc.) and is no stranger to tactical survival, but most of her perspective and practice won’t be found in your standard bushcraft or survival “Bible”.

Cat has a degree in Anthropology and Earth Sciences, specializing in the US desert Southwest. She also has extensive medical training and was accepted to attend a graduate Medical Program, but decided to defer to continue her work in education and preservation. However, she often teaches medicine in a wilderness context, especially for the Wilderness Medical Institute of NOLS. She began teaching for Boulder Outdoor Survival School in 2000, when she was still a teen, and continues to teach for BOSS as her schedule permits.

She has worked on- and off-camera in various television projects in occupationally related consulting and presenting. She was a host for the National Geographic production, “the Great Human Race” (retracing human evolution through landscape and tool use out of Africa to the US), Discovery Channel’s “Bushcraft Build-off”, and Consultant to Bear Grylls productions, Nat Geo production and Discovery productions.

As the Founder of United Global Natives, UGN, an entity acknowledging that all humans are native to the planet, and with the umbrella goal to preserve the environment and humanity, Cat has been a fierce force in advocating for the 4-corners region and indigenous communities, globally.

In addition to enduring some of the harshest of nature’s conditions across the globe, Cat is an artist, writer, athlete (playing high-level rugby for over a decade) and public speaker. Cat has been summed up as a passionate and energetic wilderness thug with a heart of gold.

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