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Carleigh Fairchild


Carleigh Fairchild AloneCarleigh grew up in Ohio running around the neighborhood with other kids making up games, and spending time on her aunt and uncle’s farm learning about the cycles of life. As a teenager Carleigh spent a lot of time learning survival skills at the Children of the Earth Foundation’s summer camps. From the very beginning she loved making fires, building shelters, processing animal hides, and weaving baskets. After turning 18, Carleigh moved to Washington state to continue studying earth skills at Earthwalk Northwest and successfully completed the Skills Apprenticeship, Ethnobotany Apprenticeship, Basketry Series, and the Path of the Hunter program.

Carleigh has had many jobs over the years including being a nanny, survival skills instructor, landscaper, carpenter, public speaker, and basket weaving instructor.

In 2009, while enjoying a solo backpacking trip of 500 miles through Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail Carleigh got a feel for being truly alone in nature. This helped her know some of what she might be getting into when in 2016 she participated in History Channel’s Alone survival show, season 3 in Patagonia where she lived for 86 days alone and remains the second longest competitor and the longest surviving woman in the shows history!

Carleigh offers classes in basket weaving, of various materials: Cattails, vines, cane, cedar, reeds, soft fiber. And multiple types: ribbed baskets, twined baskets, plaited baskets, and coiled baskets.

She also offers custom class and can teach primitive shelter building, fire making, edible and medicinal plants, water sourcing, and awareness skills.

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