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Premium Flintlock Instruction

Flintlock is the annual event where you can experience the teaching from our world-class instructors. They come together from across the United States to provide the most relevant and valuable skills training gained from decades of teaching in a variety of different environments. We highly recommend coming to one of our Flintlock events, but if you can’t – we record them for your continued education and training.


Survival Trapping Kit

After posting some actual class footage from Flintlock I of what I carry in my survival trapping kit, I have had quite a few people request that I either make my survival trapping kit available for purchase or show where I sourced my components from. So by popular demand here are the components of my

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Cold Weather Clothing: Your Primary Shelter

This four-layer clothing system allows me to wear as little or as much as I want depending on the environment, conditions, and my activity level, so that I can stay comfortably cool or comfortably warm no matter what Mother Nature throws at me.

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Favorite Things: What’s in my Basic Emergency Field Kit?

There are a few things I keep on me AT ALL TIMES – I used all caps to really emphasize that I carry these items every day without exception. These are the items I would want to have on hand if I was stranded due to an accident or car breakdown, inclement weather, getting lost,

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Knife and Tool Selection

5-Tool Rule  These 5 tools enable you to either do or make the majority of what you need in the field. Knife (and Backup Knife) Chopper Saw Awl Hook Knife Here is a list of the tools featured in the video for your convenience: Wazoo Survival Gear Viking Whetstone Pendant  LT Wright GNS Scandi

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Gear Discussion and Links: Florida Wetlands Hunter-Gatherer Course

Fire Kit (Belt) My fire kits always start with redundant open flame ignition sources. This is something I rely on for emergency “right now” fires that I am counting on to potentially save my life, so the “two is one, one is none” principle is appropriate for this. In conjunction with that, I always carry

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Survival Psychology Joshua Enyart

The Psychology of Survival

What is Survival Psychology? We often hear that survival is “99% mental”, you have to have the “will to live”, the “will to survive”. All of these statements are too vague to actually be useful. They are catchy enough and make a person sound like they gave an answer while offering nothing quantifiable to the

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