Knife and Tool Selection

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5-Tool Rule

 These 5 tools enable you to either do or make the majority of what you need in the field.

  1. Knife (and Backup Knife)
  2. Chopper
  3. Saw
  4. Awl
  5. Hook Knife

Here is a list of the tools featured in the video for your convenience:

Wazoo Survival Gear Viking Whetstone Pendant 

LT Wright GNS Scandi in O1 

LT Wright Genesis Scandi in A2 

LT Wright Larry Roberts Signature Genesis 6 

LT Wright Gen3 Chopper 

LT Wright Overland Machete 

LT Wright Lil Muck 

Pathfinder Knife Shop Forest Tool 

Council Tool Wood-Craft Pack Axe 

Wooden Take Down Buck Saw 

Crooked Awl 

Packable Draw Knife 

Packable Froe  

Carving Gouge 

Mora Carbon Garberg 

Mora Wood Carving 163 

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet 

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe 

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel 

Bahco Laplander 

Silky PocketBoy 130 

Silky PocketBoy 170 

Silky BigBoy 360 

Bahco Chisel Knife 

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl 

Links are provided for your convenience and reference. However, Joshua Enyart does receive a small commission from anything purchased from Amazon, Wazoo Survival Gear, or TITAN Survival (and is appreciated greatly).

1 thought on “Knife and Tool Selection”

  1. Fist off…………Thank You for your service!
    Second, I like the way you think.
    Couple of things, being a Flint and steel guy you may or not know.
    The Cold Steel Shovel has just enough Rockwell
    To toss a spark with a rock ,7 or better on the MOH’s scale. Put the tip down on a stump and put out some char under it and it will catch.
    Also, the Bacho,and some axe tips from american makers will toss a good spark, my Gransfors and Wetterling are poor at this.
    Enjoyed the video, it was like hearing myself preach..
    Stay Safe.

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