Instructor Hub

At Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group, the goal is to equip you with the resources to be a successful instructor. Within the instructor hub you will be able to add events to our website, find tools to help you promote your events/school, and submit your social media. We will continue to add to this page, please feel free to let us know how we can better equip you.

Add events

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Template for creating event graphic

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Tips for adding events

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Add Events

As a Flint & Steel instructor, you can add your events to our website and collect payments through PayPal directly. Flint & Steel charges a 10% admin fee on tickets sold through the site. We ask that instructors adhere to our standard refund policy and work with us to ensure the best possible customer service.


We ask each event include a graphic 1920 x 1080 pixels for consistency. Feel free to copy and then edit this template in Canva. 

Please ensure you select the correct organizaer and venue (preferably your own). The events you add will also be added to your instructor page as well as your venue page.

Example Event Graphic


Once your organizer profile and venue page have been set up you are ready to start adding events.

  1. Before you add events click add Payment Info – here is where you will set up your PayPal account and choose how to set up the admin fee (10% of the ticket price or 10% on top). The admin fee goes to Flint & Steel to continue to maintain the website and provide resources to instructors.
  2. Go to Add Events and enter the appropriate information for your event. In the Event Website – we ask that you not link to another registration option.
  3.  Tickets Section – You can select new ticket or new RSVP. Use RSVP for free events and ticketing for paid events. You will be asked to name the Ticket Type or RSVP type. You can sell multiple ticket types at different prices (Adult Ticket, Child Ticket, etc.). I recommend putting the Date of your event in the Ticket type, this will be the easy way to identify in your email notification what event you have sold a ticket too.
  4. Once you submit an event, it will be “pending” and publiched once reviewed (estimated 48 hrs or less).  


  1. Click here to access your admin dashboard
  2. Click “Orders” in the left side menu
  3. To see detailed information about the attendee click on the order number.

Add your events & content to our social media channels

Add Social Media
who should be credited for the submission
Describe what is happening in the photo or video for viewers
Please ensure you have updated privacy settings to share with