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Instructor Training Course (Desert Module)- North Texas

March 6 @ 8:00 am - March 10 @ 5:00 pm


The Instructor Training Course is a joint program between The Pathfinder School and the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group that is designed to provide you with the training you need so that you can become a Wilderness Survival Instructor.

We understand that not everyone will have enough time off to take the entire 42-day course consecutively (although some will). The course is broken down into individual modules so that it can be taken consecutively, or pieced together over time as a candidates schedule and finances permit. Adequate time is given between modules to allow for travel between training locations.

Who is this course for?

This Instructor Training Course is the most intensive survival instructor training available. No experience necessary. It is meant for those that have little to no experience but want to learn, people that already have skills and experience but want to enhance their skills and marketability, and everyone in between.

This course is not just about being able to perform skills. It is about being able to perform and teach these skills, on demand, in a variety of conditions and environments. This course will be both mentally and physically challenging. Candidates will be required to learn skills to a higher level. More importantly, they will be trained and evaluated on their ability to instruct those skills to others.

Instructor Candidates who successfully complete this training will receive a certification from both the Pathfinder School LLC and the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC. In addition, candidates will receive a Wilderness First Responder certificate from Off-Grid Medic, LLC.

Who can attend?

For 2019, candidates may attend the Desert Survival module prior to attending any other module so that graduation can be accomplished on schedule.

Instructor Training Desert Survival Module

Module 3 of the Instructor Training Course will be available at two separate locations (only one is required for certification). For candidates who intend to teach in the western U.S., we recommend the Desert Survival module taught by Phil Liebel (Primitive Wilderness Survival) in Chico, Texas. For candidates who plan to teach in the eastern U.S., we recommend the Coastal Swamp Survival module taught by Justin Cook (Wayback Wilderness) near Pensacola, Florida. These modules will teach environment-specific skills, and will be heavy on primitive skills. Each of these modules are 5 days in duration.

Instructor Candidates will learn additional skills in fire craft, survival shelters, and water and food procurement. In addition, candidates will receive more training in land navigation and survival signals. Candidates that successfully complete either of these modules can continue on to the other modules and further enhance their skills while gaining familiarity and valuable experience in different environments.

Refund Policy: No refunds will be issued after 14 days prior to the scheduled start date and time of each Phase.


Required Equipment List: Click Here!

Graduation Policy:

This is a Certification Course. All Instructor Candidates must successfully complete each module to receive a certification. Recycles may be authorized for a particular module dependent upon the circumstances and is at the sole discretion of the cadre. Voluntarily withdrawing from a module (quitting/tapping out) will not be afforded a recycle or refund.

Physical injuries that do not allow an Instructor Candidate to continue will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Medical recycles are at the sole discretion of the Primary Instructor and most senior medical staff for that module.

Recycles will be at an additional cost to the Instructor Candidate. The cost will vary depending on the module, but will be on par with the daily rate of the entire course.

All Flint & Steel Events require the student to sign the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC Liability Waiver and Release prior to attendance. Many of the courses within the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC Network are Independently run and will require their own waiver from the individual instructor and school that is offering the course. Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC is in no way liable for the Independent Instructors and/or Schools within the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC network.


North Texas – Primitive Wilderness Survival
310 private rd 1748
Chico, TX 76431 United States
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Primitive Wilderness Survival – Phillip Liebel

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