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Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC is a nationwide network of independent instructors and schools working together to bring students the most relevant and professional training possible. A major hurdle for a student to attend training is location and potential travel costs, so we are establishing a large network of peer-vetted and peer-recommended instructors who are working together as a team to reach each others respective followings on a more local level.

Because we are such a large network, students are not limited to the perspective or experience of one or two instructors, and also are not limited to one environment to learn in.

All of our instructors are interested in collaboration, not competition. We understand that each individual instructor has unique skills and we strive to find a place for those skills to fit within the network for the benefit of the student and the team as a whole.

Our instructors are professional, humble, and have the “forever student” attitude. You can trust that when working with a Flint & Steel instructor you are in good hands.

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