Flint and Steel is an international collaborative network of independent instructors and schools working together to bring you the best, most local instruction available. Instructors, schools and partners of Flint & Steel are trusted and endorsed by Flint & Steel.

Here you will find skills training on a wide range of critical skills, including but not limited to: modern, primitive, urban, and tactical survival; bushcraft and wilderness living; emergency and disaster preparedness; holistic, wilderness, and tactical medicine; and tactical training including rifle and pistol marksmanship and tactics; long range marksmanship, sniper tactics, and fieldcraft; dismounted patrolling, and small unit tactics.

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Our network of schools and instructors are some of the best in the world. We serve as a resource to help you sort through the noise, and find the best local instruction available.


We offer Flint & Steel events (Flintlock) that are a collaboartion among our schools and instructors. We publish the events of our independent schools and instructors, to make it easy for you to stay up-to-date on all training available.


While our business isn't that of product promotion, there are a few amazing companies and products we partner with because we truly believe in the benefit their products and services provide to this industry.

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